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Gypsy Pant
  • Gypsy Pant

    These locally designed gypsy pants are soft and comfortable, yet something you can dress up or down. I love these pants and have a couple pairs in different colors because I want to wear them all the time. They have a wonderful flat front that you can roll down if you want and a great shape in the hips down to a nice flowing bottom. These pants have pockets too which makes them even more incredible. 


    As far as sizing they come in S/M and M/L. The s/m is great sizes 0-8 and m/l fits 6-12 depending if your taller. For example, I am 5'10" size 6 and wear M/L. If I was 5'9" I would wear s/m. 


    Each garmet is unique in its tie dye so you will be getting a one-of a kind hand made piece. The model is wearing a S/M in Aqua TieDye.

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